uNominate: Nomination Form

The uBlossom Kindness Project is a new endeavour that was years in the making. It was created with the purpose of making wellness experiences more accessible to women. Taking time to nurture your mind, body and spirit are essential. However, we also understand that on some level, it’s also a privilege. The uBlossom Kindness Project creates an opportunity for women who do not have the financial resources, to attend one of our retreats. All proceeds from this will contribute towards the purchase of one ticket, which will include private accommodations*, special meals if required, taxes and fees and the Blossom Box Supply Kit required to attend Dennyse’s Blossom Box Workshop.

Do you know a deserving individual who would be a good candidate for our uBlossom Kindness Project?

uNominations will open when we reach our milestone goal of one ticket raised ($900). Keep your eyes on this space for updates.

To date we currently have

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$625 Dollars Raised

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0 Nominations Received

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70% of a Ticket Available

Terms and Conditions:

  • Application for nominees will be open for 10 days after the initial date that uBlossom announces uNominations are available.
  • Nominations must be received through the online form on this page. Please note that any nominations submitted through other channels will not be considered. 
  • Nominee winner will have their choice of retreats remaining for 2021.
  • Nominee winners and the person who elected them will be featured on the uBlossom social media outlets and the uBlossom newsletter.
  • Retreat invitation is non-transferrable.  If the nominee winner cannot attend, a second nominee from the submissions will be chosen.