uBlossom is a community to
fuel your Mind, Body and Spirit.

For over 6 years, uBlossom has been a community that has helped hundreds of women integrate the tools they need to bring balance, wholeness and connection to their Mind, Body and Spirit.


Whether it’s by the ocean or lakeside, our retreats are created to empower, create connection and achieve Total Wellness.


Courses, workshops, and one-on-one sessions to guide your mind, body, and spirit to total wellness.



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Cultivating a daily practice for your Mind, Body and Spirit is a lifelong gift you can give your idividual self.

Doing this alone is no easy feat. Our goal is to support our blossoming community by offering experiences and practices that benefit our total well-being.

Become a Member of our uBlossom community and receive EXCLUSIVE access to additional workshops, challenges, videos, programs and online events that support you from the inside out.

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