Meditation Workshops

Dennyse Harris is a Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor, Chopra Health Instructor and Chopra Total Wellness Coach. She is passionate about connecting people to the power of daily meditation and helping them to discover the endless benefits including emotional clarity, developed awareness, conscious choice making, sleep optimization, improved health, feelings of peace and contentment. Dennyse offers a variety of courses, workshops, and one-on-one sessions to guide your mind, body, and spirit to total wellness. Discover some of the current course offerings below.

Primordial Sound Meditation

Deepen your meditation practice by taking part in this EXCLUSIVE program only offered by Chopra Certified Mediation Coaches. Discover your personal primordial sound mantra. Based on your date of birth, the time and place your were born-each person will recieve their personal sound mantra. This workshop is truly a unique experience for all students.

This 2-part course can be booked one-on-one or join a group session.

Meditation Enrichment

This enrichment workshop is perfect for any level-those new to meditation, or those wanting to jumpstart a daily practice and take it to another level.

This 1.50-hour session can be booked one-on-one or join a group session!