Meditation Enrichment

1.5 hour, one-on-one meditation class with Dennyse Harris -Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor

Meditation has been a game changer for me. As a busy single mother (recently widowed) of 2 young teens, a homeowner and entrepreneur, I needed a practical and easy solution to help my self care goals stick. With meditation there are only two requirements-sit down and close your eyes. So simple and so powerful! For years I struggled with meditation-I couldn’t focus and quiet my thoughts and ended up wondering if it was really helping me.

I discovered that being personally guided through a series of educational meditation clinics and joining a support group was pivotal not only to my increased sense of self and awareness, but also to my personal transformation and healing. After a year of studying with Chopra and becoming a Certified Chopra Meditation Instructor and a Chopra Total Wellness Coach, I am passionate about teaching everyone, including my children this powerful life-long practice.

Whether you are anxious, burnt-out, out of balance or want to take your meditation practice to the next level, I will personally help your practice grow and thrive. Let me be your guide. Book a Private workshop to meet at your own schedule.

Meditation is a journey from activity into silence. It is a powerful practice that leads to greater sense of awareness, calmness, better sleep, improved relationships, joy and happiness.

Through the regular daily practice of meditation we can connect and influence the source of our body, mind and emotions. The benefits are endless and well documented today, and include heightened awareness, calmness, better sleep, improved relationships, joy and happiness.

There are many different meditation techniques, some use sound to direct the awareness inward; others involve the use of vision to settle the mind. The technique you’re going to learn is very simple and requires no straining and no concentration.

dennyse sitting cross-legged smiling at the sky
dennyse holding an eagle feather with eyes closed
You’ll learn the ancient practice of meditation including how meditation works, its purpose, and its benefits. You will also learn how to practice Mantra meditation, and experience guided meditation with Dennyse. You’ll get practical tips on how to feel comfortable and how to set yourself up at home.

Key Topics Covered in your Session with Dennyse:

  • What is meditation?
  • The benefits of meditation
  • Meditation and Stress Management
  • How stress affects the physiology of your body and how meditation counteracts and reverses the negative effects.
  • The qualities of Silence and how to quiet your thoughts
  • What is a mantra?
  • Meditation tips, guidelines and how to create a daily meditation routine at home
  • The 4 experiences in meditation
dennyse holding the sides of her pink dress in forest

Deepen your Meditation Practice and uncover unique ways to relax, centre and practice mindfulness. Register for a private workshop with Dennyse (sessions are via Zoom). Choose between ONE 90-minute session or TWO 45-minute sessions.