Embark on a Mindful Journey with uBlossom’s Meditation Membership

Crafted for anyone curious about meditation or seeking to deepen their practice, our membership is guided by Chopra Certified Meditation Coach, Dennyse Harris.

Ever wondered what lies beyond the noise of everyday life? Curious about the transformative power of meditation? Step into tranquility with uBlossom’s Meditation Membership, a gateway to inner peace guided by Chopra Certified Meditation Coach, Dennyse Harris. Begin your journey with introspection.

Are you curious about meditation but unsure where to start?

Whether you’re a curious beginner or a seasoned practitioner, our membership caters to all seeking a more mindful life.

Ever felt the need to deepen your commitment to meditation?

For regular practitioners, uBlossom’s Meditation Membership offers a pathway to enrich your practice and elevate your mindfulness journey.

How it Works

One: Get Guided

Experience Monthly Meditation Challenges led by Chopra Certified Meditation Coach, Dennyse Harris, as she gently guides you toward transformative mindfulness.

Two: Curated Meditations and Offerings

Immerse yourself in our curated collection of meditations and exclusive offerings, tailored for both beginners and regular practitioners.

Three: Enjoy Effortless Challenge Access

Bid farewell to constant sign-ups! Effortlessly access details for Monthly Meditation Challenges, curated for an enriching experience.

Elevate your practice, simplify your commitment, and be guided by our Chopra Certified Meditation Coach, Dennyse Harris.

Membership Inclusions

The uBlossom Monthly Membership is $50/month. Experience the ease of continuous access with recurring billing. Stop or pause your membership at anytime.