Primordial Sound Meditation Workshop

An exclusive program only offered by Certified Chopra Meditation Instructors, is a wonderful immersive course.

Deepen your meditation practice with a personal one-on-one course with Dennyse.

Meditation is what leads to the self-awareness that makes transformation in your life possible. Meditation is a journey from activity into silence. It is a powerful practice that puts us in touch with the subtler, more expanded aspects of our human nature. Through meditation, we become intimate with the dimension of ourselves that’s not bound by time, circumstance, or judgment. Meditation provides access to expanded states of awareness. Through the regular daily practice of meditation, we can connect and influence our body, mind, and emotions. The benefits are endless and well documented today and include heightened awareness, calmness, better sleep, improved relationships, joy, and happiness.

There are many different meditation techniques, some use sound to direct the awareness inward; others involve the use of vision to settle the mind. The technique you’re going to learn is very simple and requires no straining and no concentration.

What is Primordial Sound Meditation?

Primordial Sound Meditation is a practice based on primordial sounds-nature’s most basic sounds or vibrations. There are 108 Primordial Sound Meditation mantras, derived from the study of ancient sages who recorded the vibrations of the universe in relation to the position of the moon over 4 thousand years ago. Providing your instructor with your date of birth, place and time (or closest to) you will receive your own personal primordial sound mantra which incorporates the vibration the universe was making at the time and place of your birth. Your unique and personal mantra is like a seed that, when nourished with daily meditations, will eventually bear beautiful fruit.

dennyse with palms together and placed on her forehead
dennyse with hands resting on a tree

What You’ll Experience

In these classes, you will learn how meditation works, its purpose, its benefits, and stress management. You will also learn to practice Mantra meditation and experience guided meditations. You will recieve your primordial sound mantra based on the date, time and place you were born. You’ll get practical tips on how to feel comfortable and set yourself up at home. We will cover the 4 experiences in meditation, expectations, and perfecting your practice. Additionally, we will cover topics on different states of consciousness, waking, dreaming, and deep sleep.

The goal is to cultivate a daily meditation practice that will support and inspire you to connect to your inner wisdom and bring balance to your life.

Workshop Options

Sign up and register with your choice of TWO different workshop options based on your meditation practice:

1) 45-MINUTE ONE-ON-ONE PRIMORDIAL SOUND MANTRA ($69 + GST): In this 45-minute private session, Dennyse will discuss your current meditation practice and provide guidance and tips. She will teach you a personalized mantra and lead a short meditation. She will also answer any questions you have about your experiences and how to improve your practice. The goal is to develop a daily meditation routine that helps you connect to your inner wisdom and bring balance to your life.

  In this 2-part workshop, you will learn how to nourish this mantra through daily meditation and receive additional private class. The class will cover the purpose, benefits, and stress management of meditation and guide you through various practices. You will learn how to set up and feel comfortable at home and how to perfect your practice. The objective is to establish a daily meditation practice that aids in connecting to inner wisdom and promoting balance in daily life.

dennyse with palms together and placed on her forehead

Meet Your Instructor, Dennyse Harris

 Firmly believing in the importance of self-love, and reconnection to who we really are, Dennyse is dedicated to mentoring and helping women to build personal, sustainable, self-care practices. Dennyse is the founder of the uBlossom community and for over 6 years she has been supporting and bringing women together at in-person retreats, gatherings, and online events where they have the opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, grow, and rejuvenate – MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT. Dennyse is passionate about the life-changing effects of daily meditation and how it has helped her maintain a daily personal routine with ease and success. She is a Certified Chopra Meditate instructor, a Chopra Health Instructor, and Chopra Total Wellness Coach. It’s her mission to promote and teach meditation to everyone in her life, including her teenage children.

Two options designed to fit your schedule. Experience the immersive sounds unique to YOU. Select from your choice of two workshops below