Primordial Sound Mantra & Meditation – Private – 2 x 60-minute Sessions

$159.00 + GST

This exclusive program, only offered by Certified Chopra Meditation Instructors, is a beautiful immersive course with 2 hours of instruction over 2 private classes. Join Dennyse as helps you cultivate a practice that connects you to inner peace and a balanced lifestyle.

Providing your instructor with your date of birth, place and time (or closest to), you will receive your own personal primordial sound mantra, which incorporates the vibration the universe was making at the time and place of your birth. Your unique and personal mantra is like a seed that will eventually bear beautiful fruit when nourished with daily meditations. In addition, you will also receive an ADDITIONAL private class that combines some of the different practices we cover in our Meditation Enrichment Program.

You will learn how meditation works, its purpose, its benefits and stress management. You will also learn how to practice Mantra meditation and experience guided meditations in every class. You’ll get practical tips on how to feel comfortable and how to set yourself up at home. We will cover the 4 experiences in meditation, expectations and perfecting your practice. Additionally we will cover topics on different states of consciousness, waking, dreaming and deep sleep.

The goal is to cultivate a daily meditation practice that will support and inspire you to connect to your inner wisdom and bring balance to your life.