Primordial Sound Mantra – Private – 45 Minutes

$69.00 + GST

Take your meditation practice to the next level!

This exclusive program only offered by Certified Chopra Meditation Instructors is a wonderful way to expand your practice and work with a mantra that is as unique as you.
Meditation is what leads to the self awareness that makes transformation in your life possible.

Primordial Sound Meditation is based on primordial sounds-nature’s most basic sounds or vibrations. There are 108 Primordial Sound Meditation mantras, derived from the study of ancient sages who recorded the vibrations of the universe in relation to the position of the moon over 4 thousand years ago. Providing Dennyse with your date of birth, place and time (or closest to), you will receive your own personal primordial sound mantra, which incorporates the vibration the universe was making at the time and place of your birth. Your unique and personal mantra is like a seed that will eventually bear beautiful fruit when nourished with daily meditations.

In your private session with Dennyse, she will inquire about your current practice and offer guidance and tips. Present and teach you your personal primordial sound mantra, followed by a short meditation. Dennyse will answer questions about your experiences, different states of consciousness and perfecting your practice.

The goal is to cultivate a daily meditation practice that will support and inspire you to connect to your inner wisdom and bring balance to your outer life.

Please note that this registration is for ONE private class. If you are looking to expand your practice even further, feel free to register for the Primordial Sound Mantra & Meditation Class


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