Meditation Enrichment – GROUP Workshop

$79.00 + GST

Please Read Carefully: This is the GROUP Meditation Enrichment option with Dennyse Harris -Chopra Certified Meditation Instructor. Classes are held most Monday & Wednesday nights from 7pm-8:30pm. If there is no time in the calendar that works, we recommend opting for the PRIVATE Workshop option

You’ll learn the ancient practice of meditation including how meditation works, its purpose, and its benefits. You will also learn how to practice Mantra meditation, and experience guided meditation with Dennyse. You’ll get practical tips on how to feel comfortable and how to set yourself up at home.

Key Topics Covered in your Session with Dennyse:

  • What is meditation?
  • The benefits of meditation
  • Meditation and Stress Management
  • How stress affects the physiology of your body and how meditation counteracts and reverses the negative effects.
  • The qualities of Silence and how to quiet your thoughts
  • What is a mantra?
  • Meditation tips, guidelines and how to create a daily meditation routine at home
  • The 4 experiences in meditation

Booking your Time: Upon confirmation of your purchase, you will also receive an email that will include a link to our Meditation Enrichment Calendar, made specially for GROUPS. Feel free to select a time that works for you.


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