Founder and Vision

Dennyse Joy Harris

uBlossom Retreats Founder and CEO

uBlossom is a community to fuel your Mind, Body and Spirit

“I empower women to believe that their self care matters. I guide them to tools that fuel their Mind, Body and Spirit and connect them with the support they need to blossom.”

Firmly believing in the importance of self-love, reflection, and reconnection, Dennyse is dedicated to bringing women together in a beautiful, safe environment where they have the opportunity to build relationships, exchange ideas, grow, and rejuvenate-MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. It’s her mission to promote empowering women through events and gatherings that are engaging, fun, and inspirational. Her new uBlossom Membership focuses on online offerings to support the uBlossom Community.

Dennyse is an event and logistics specialist. She has over 10 years of travel management experience and 6 years of startup, marketing and managing her own retreat and event business. Dennyse is passionate about event experiences that bring women together for leadership connection, inspiration, shared vision and community partnerships.

The unpredictability of life and travel has made her a master of coping with change while maintaining her integrity and positive attitude. After helping helping her young daughter battle cancer, Dennyse turned her efforts to self-care and started planning retreats and events for women that focus on self-love, healing, nourishing and effecting positive change for oneself.

After six years of developing her business, and hosting over 10 retreats and several events, Dennyse expanded her passion of event orchestration to working and volunteering with women leaders, speakers and visionaries. She offers a collaborative partnership that focuses on the needs of the leader, allowing the goals of the events to produce their highest impact on each audience. Dennyse believes integrity, focus and adaptability is the key to a successful event. #showupandshine

Dennyse’s unique differentiators are:

It’s all about YOU. Over 10 years of managing travel offices and travelling to 38+ countries, Dennyse operates with a consistent high-level capacity for handling logistics, and effective communication with patience, attentiveness and empathy.
Motivator. Dennyse grew up in a family-owned business, always dreaming of owning her own business. Compassion and loyalty, along with integrity and positivity, are at the foundation of her hard work in the development of her retreat company.
Life Experience. Helping her young daughter battle cancer for 3 years, Dennyse was able to tap into all the skills she had earned in her work and life. She is highly adaptable and excels at coping with change as it happens while maintaining a relaxed, positive, and grounded attitude.

Email Dennyse at or call 250-218-3556