90-Day Meditation Challenge

NEW to uBlossom! This 90-day Meditation Challenge deepens your commitment to your meditation practice. 

This 90-day Meditation Challenge offers the same format as our monthly meditation challenge, with a deeper intention and commitment to your practice. Join us for 3 months and experience a gentle guided self-inquiry, intention setting and then a short silent meditation.

Audio recordings will always be available on days we cannot connect. Our first 90-day Meditation Challenge starts on April 3rd – June 30th with guided meditations happening from 6:15 AM – 6:45 AM, Monday through Friday. If your intentions are to practice mindfulness and meditation more habitually, my 90-day Meditation Challenge is a great way to do so with great value.

Solidify your practice and experience 3 months of beautiful, guided 30-minute, mindful meditations from Chopra Certified Wellness Coach, Dennyse.

With an investment of just a little over $1.00 per day you’ll receive:

  • Real-time meditations 5 days a week, guided by a Chopra Certified Wellness Coach.
  • A guide to help you create your personal sanctuary.
  • Audio recordings of meditations you can access on days when Dennyse cannot be present to guide the meditation.

Meditation Challenge participants will also receive EXCLUSIVE access and savings to my one-on-one coaching programs.

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