Helpful journaling tips from the master

UBLOSSOM SPEAKERS SERIES Reconnecting with Creative Journaling. Click to watch our recent chat with Nicolle Nattrass.


I recently connected with team speaker Nicolle Nattrass. While we set good intentions during the start of the week, life happens. Especially during the time we live in today, it’s natural to feel easily overwhelmed.

“What is difficult for me right now and what can help?”

Journaling, is an amazing outlet to help you navigate through these
feelings and questions.

Nicolle Nattrass

Nicolle Nattrass

Professional Actress, Playwright, Addiction Counsellor, and Self-Care Coach

Nicolle is an actress (CAEA/UBCP), playwright (full member of the Playwrights Guild of Canada), Creativity Coach, and Theatre instructor. She holds a B.F.A in Acting from the University of Victoria in 1991. She is also certified as an Addiction Counselor CAC II, since 2007. You can find Nicolle on-line at


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