uBlossom Retreats


Retreat from your daily life, surround yourself with self-care and peace of mind, and experience the magic and beauty of your life blossoming.

A weekend to reconnect within,

and build your lifelong, sustainable, self-care practice

just for U


7 years strong, helping hundreds of women to blossom and bring long lasting wellness into their lives.

Our uBlossom Retreats are a new, fresh and rejuvenating way to experience self-care that reconnects you to who you really are so you can bring balance to  your life beyond your weekend away. Stepping away from the noise of everyday life makes space for spiritual and emotional growth that lasts…..

Pause. Breathe. Listen. It’s time to truly tune-in to what your body and mind are telling you.

Discover how powerful you really are with a community of women who are inspirational and lift you up. Tap into your own unlimited potential through meditation, yoga, informative workshops and connection with others.

During the weekend you will explore tools to help you build a personlized self care pratice that is unique to U.

-Begin a meditation practice or take your practice to the next level,

-Improve your sleep

-Bring awareness to your emotional patterns,

-Ehance your gut health

-Discover how to bring balance into all areas of life

Our retreats are a life changing experience for your soul and we offer all-inclusive pricing to enhance the full wellness experience. Discover our annual retreat offerings in BC’s Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island from the available dates below.

Maple Ridge

Dates coming soon.


Campbell River

Dates coming soon.