Reconnecting with Haiku Poetry for Mindfulness

UBLOSSOM SPEAKERS SERIES Reconnecting with Mindfulnes. Click to watch our recent chat with Anne Dunnett.


I recently connected with team speaker Anne Dunnett who has some great tips about reconnecting in nature and connecting it with haiku poetry.

Join us at our June retreat for her full workshop!

Anne Dunnett

Anne Dunnett

Everyday Haiku

Anne is a haiku poet and designer based on Vancouver Island. Anne’s experience from writing haiku has lead her to believe that haiku is a powerful tool for mindfulness that can provide healing as a daily stress reliever. Her purpose and passion is showing others how the philosophy of haiku can offer a new way of looking at life, especially during these challenging times.

You can find Anne on-line at,
instagram @everydayhaikuanne


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