uBlossom Kindness Project

The uBlossom Kindness Project is a new endeavour that was years in the making. It was created with the purpose of making wellness experiences more accessible to women. Taking time to nurture your mind, body and spirit are essential. However, we also understand that on some level, it’s also a privilege.

The uBlossom Kindness Project creates opportunities for women who do not have the financial resources to attend one of our retreats.

How does the uBlossom Kindness Project Work?

Our uBlossom Community and retreat attendees now have the ability to “pay it forward,” and contribute to the uBlossom Kindness Project by making an optional donation.

Nominations will open every time we reach our milestone goal of one ticket raised (an equivalent of $900). We are taking nominations for women that would be a wonderful addition to our retreats, that are inspirational and deserving, but do not have the financial support to attend.

There’s no limit to the amount you can contribute. Feel free to donate $5 or the full amount of a ticket – every dollar towards the uBlossom Kindness Project will go towards purchasing a ticket for another individual.  Everytime we reach the target of of a retreat ticket ($900), we will invite one nominee to attend our beautiful weekend retreat. The more donations are received, the more invitations will be provided. 

To Date We Have

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$775 Raised

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0 Nominations Received

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80% of a Ticket Available