The Highs & Lows Of Grief

The past month has been a roller coaster of grief and hope. Life is contrast, it’s not possible to experience the highs without the lows. I have also felt a resounding sense of sadness – sadness is the track, the cars are the experiences, and the peaks and valleys are bitter and sweet.

We would not know happiness without sadness-we need to feel sadness so that happiness doesn’t lose its value-happiness feels good because we have felt the opposite. For me, happiness fills me with hope. Most days, jumping on a merry-go-round of mediocreness feels very appealing to me-but despite everything, I can still feel the tug of HOPE.

How do we cultivate hope and possibility during the highs and lows of life? By nurturing our awareness. When we do this, we can witness our reactions and emotions from a place of compassion and notice the small sparks of joy in our day.

I can’t imagine what I would be thinking, how I would be reacting and living my life without these valuable tools. Today I am passionate about sharing and teaching these practices with you. When things get messy in life-it is important that you have a safe space to build self compassion and know that you are not alone.

Writing and meditation are tools I use to foster awareness and hope.

What are you most proud of?

As I look back on the past few days, I feel really proud of______.

You can fill in the blank with anything you thought went well, it doesn’t have to be big or impactful -it could simply be something you noticed that made you smile. Take some time to journal about it.

To be successful every day in riding the roller coaster of life, you must first set up your day for success. I do this with a morning meditation.

Here is what I recommend:
🌸 Start your day by waking up 10 minutes early.
🌸 Get up, brush your teeth, go to the bathroom
🌸 Drink some warm tea or lemon water.
🌸 Find a quiet, comfy space to sit down (this could be in a chair or on the floor on a pillow-whatever position you feel comfortable in).
🌸 Try not to lay down-this will signal your brain that you are getting ready to sleep and sitting will keep you restfully alert.
🌸Close your eyes and begin listening to the meditation.

I know that if I don’t meditate before anything else in the morning it will not happen.

I would advise setting up the space the night before and setting the intention to get up and meditate as you fall asleep.

I look forward to connecting and sharing with you next month. Enjoy the warm days of July and get out in nature-also, another favourite tool to nurture my soul.

I am so grateful for you and the uBlossom community; together we are stronger.

With love,