A Deep Dive into Becoming You For Women: uBlossom’s First Book Circle

Have you ever read a book that transformed your life? This is what Wendy Turner-Larsen’s latest book ‘Becoming You For Women’ has done for me (at least, thus far!). 

It’s more than a self-help book. It provides a complete 360-degree approach to personal growth, offering beautiful stories, facts and science and engaging prompts to support individuals on their journey of self-discovery. 

This book truly guides readers into leaning into their feelings and values while also giving them a safe space to acknowledge self-limiting patterns. It sparks exploration into both unbecoming and becoming your true, authentic self. 

This book can spark introspection and be a tool for transformation – it was only fitting that I gave the uBlossom community the ability to experience this journey, too! 

This month, we offer uBlossom Members the opportunity to join our Member’s Only Book Circle, which starts on May 17th and continues bi-weekly (from 7-8:30 PM) until November 15th. We have spots for seven individuals to join this enlightening group. 

I chose this book because I know and admire Wendy and all the work she does for women.  Like many of us, I have read plenty of self-help books, and this is a workbook within a book. It’s also a tool to support our Mind, Body and Spirit. It’s for women, it’s simple and has all the topics we need in one book-and these topics matter! Limiting beliefs, boundaries, self-assessment, values, connection, listening, brain exercises, spirituality and integration. 

I also believe in Wendy’s advice to work through this book with a group. “Gathering with a group of like-minded, open-hearted and soul-centred women to discuss and support this deeply personal work is constantly enriched when you do it together. Connecting with other women helps us to connect to ourselves. We need to know that we are accepted and loved as we navigate personal change. This supportive, non-judgmental group connection helps support our enoughness through the chaos that can ensue when we try to affect change independently.

Our Book Circle is exclusively for Member’s Only. There is no additional cost to register (though you will need a copy of the book available at the uBlossom Store)—sign-up for our Membership for FREE. 

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