Being Fearless through Breathwork

Breathing and breathwork is such a passive practice that we do everyday…

But what if we were able to take this and harness it in such a way that it transforms our lives for the better?

That’s exactly what Jillian Rutledge does in her practice and work. Breathing can seemingly look relatively straight-forward, but when utilized in mindful practice, it can uncover and empower us to truly take control of our lives. 

Jillian Rutledge’s Workshop on Fearlessness 

Did you know that most people do not recognize when they are in fear? 

This is because humans have mastered the instinct to survive, hiding anything that may be perceived as weakness. We avoid our fears and instead experience painful symptoms such as anxiety, worry, muscle tension and pressure which can lead to suffering in confusion, anger, panic or feeling paralyzed. This leaves us feeling unfulfilled and exhausted.

Fearlessness is when you stop being afraid of your fear and have the COURAGE to move forward with clarity and confidence. You become resilient, thriving amongst the chaos. 

Do you ever wonder why you put things off, hoping to do it someday? Or why you feel disconnected, unsatisfied or stuck in your situation? Sometimes we struggle to feel motivated and inspired to move forward especially in times of stress and uncertainty. There is a law at the level of the mind that states “what you resist persists”. This is because you cannot change your state of mind using your mind alone.

When ​you are no longer in resistance and stop being afraid of your fear, it’s like a door opens that gives you direct access to an untapped source of power.

The key that opens this door is your breathing. 

The secret is: Control your breath and your mind will follow.

How you breathe determines your state of mind. For every emotion & thought there is a corresponding breath and your ability to manage your breath stabilizes your thoughts & emotions, neutralizing the resistance and enhancing your state of being. With conscious breathing, transforming fear into power happens at the root cause, in mind, body and spirit, holistically.

Jillian is offering the uBlossom Community exclusive access to her Fearlessness Breakthru Workshop. Simply click on the uBlossom Offer on the right side of her page and use the code Ublossom to access all of the details. 


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