Getting In Touch with your Feminine Energy with Kim Vopni

Kim Vopni's Buff Muff challenge allows women to feel empowered, sexy and strong. Learn more about this exciting program and how you can take part with an EXCLUSIVE discount.

When we talk about our sexual health, our own feminine energy, it’s often followed by a few giggles and a bit of hush-hush. 

But what if we were able to flip this way of thinking about women’s health and become open, enthusiastic and unapologetically unashamed of it? 

Kim Vopni, one of our lovely workshop facilitators is a pelvienne floor expert and tackles this head-on, empowering women to care for themselves and their bodies in a way that feels safe. 

Take Kim Vopni’s 28-Day Buff Muff Challenge

This 28-day challenge will help you finally get clarity on the elusive kegel and teach you how to activate your pelvic floor appropriately and then add it to the movement (because regular Kegels are boring!)

This app-based challenge (iPhone or Android phones) will change the way you workout for the better and set you on the path of habitual pelvic floor fitness – all in 28 days (or less!). 

You will see a reduction in leaks (and eventually eliminate them with continued commitment), less back pain, and those feelings of things ‘just not being right down there’ will ease.

This challenge is easy and effective and only requires a couple of things….a tennis ball, a stability ball (55 or 65cm) a small towel and a loop resistance band.  You can make do without them but it is more fun with them….and you will use them after the challenge too!

The 28-day challenge is also for women who have NO SYMPTOMS and are looking to be proactive about their pelvic health so that they never get the common symptoms many women struggle with.

Our uBlossom Community can now access this informative and empowering challenge and receive $10 off their registration! Simply use the code UBLOSSOM to apply the discount to your purchase.

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