Give the Gift of Mindfulness & Haiku Poetry

Give a little differently this season with this wonderfully crafted mindfulness gift, from Haiku Poet, Anne Dunnett.

This holiday season is one that is unique. Fewer shoppers in malls and celebrations are looking a little more different. 

In the spirit of supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs, I’ll be shedding some light on wonderful, meaningful and unique ways to give gifts for the holidays. 

Our uBlossom Team of Workshop Facilitators are currently offering some amazing experiences that double as the perfect gift for Christmas. 


Here’s Haiku Poet, Anne Dunnett’s Current offering for the Holiday Season


anne dunnett holiday season gift

Experience mindfulness throughout the holiday season with this cleverly crafted digital package. The Season of Giving is a beautifully crafted package of reflection will help you slow down during the holiday season. It can be gifted those in your life who love mindfulness, nature and meditation. Gift it early, so they can rely on it as a stress reliever throughout the month. Through mindfulness, creativity and learning the benefits of haiku poetry, you will be calm and inspired to begin the New Year. This will set you up for success after a challenging year.

What’s included:

Digital downloads of the following items are included.

  • Inspirational Ebook
  • Journal
  • A Guided Winter Solstice Haiku Meditation
  • Design Templates
  • Mindfulness Colouring Book
  • Wallpaper graphics for mobile, tablet & desktop
  • Tips to write haiku

This package is valued at $45, but is offered at 20% off when you purchase it before December 10, 2020. 

As much as the holidays can be a cheerful time, we also understand that for some, it can also be stressful. The gift of mindfulness is a beautiful way to unwind, be grounded and feel at ease amidst such a busy season.